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News & Updates

Nov 06
"The Town That Dreaded Sundown" is out!!

The Town That Dreaded Sundown is finally out. You can watch Gracie as Young Jami.
(NOT FOR KIDS) The Movie is about a masked serial killer who terrorized people in a small town and he begin again. So the lonely high school girl "Jamie" (Addison Timlin), may know how to catch him.

I saw the movie I really liked it. It's a great one. If you like Thriller-Horror Movies it's the right thing for you. If you saw it please tell me your opinion here. For more Infos, Images and Screencaps come back soon!!


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Sep 26
Trailer + Website!

Exciting News, The Trailer from Revelations is here! We also added some Photos from the Set to our Gallery. The release date is not out yet, but the Movie is planned for 2015.

And Gracie's Official Website is back! You can find it at GracieWhitton.com for more infos and updates. 

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Sep 11
Gracie's new Projects
We like to announce Gracie's new Projects, coming up 2014 - 2016. In October you can catch Gracie as Young Jami in "The Town That Dreaded Sundown". In 2015 you can see Gracie as Maggie McKendrick in "My Heart Dies with You: Heart Race" it's the first Movie of 3 Parts. It will be released November, 27 2015.

Gracie is also a part of "Revelations" (Short) as Lili, "The Lotus" as Emma and in "The Jones" (Short) as Chloe Jones. For more News, Photos and Updates come back soon.


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Aug 24
Happy Birthday Party!

Gracie is headed in LA to have fun at August Maturo Birthday Party! We want to say "Happy Birthday" to August. We hope you have a awesome Day. Gracie is wearing a adorable Dress and Hair Flower by Kiddie Kids Boutique. To catch up more news and photos come back soon. 


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Aug 16
29th Children Festival of the Arts

Catch up some new Red Carpet Pictures from Gracie visiting the 29th Annual Children Festival of the Arts. Gracie is meeting some awesome & new people. Be sure you check them at our Gallery!


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Jul 13
July 2014 Cover Girl, Gracie Whitton!

Gracie is the Cover Girl from the Rising Talent Magazine. Click here to get some more Infos about the Magazine and the Photographer. We hope you enjoy the Video's and Photos!!

Here are two behind the scenes videos from the Rising Talent Magazine.



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Jun 24
Happy 10th Birthday Gracie!

Today is a special day. Gracie is celebrating her 10th birthday today! I hope you having a awesome day with your friends and family. We can't wait for more upcoming projects.


You can send her a wish on Gracie's TWITTER, FACEBOOK or INSTAGRAM.
And thank you all for sending us Birthday Edits, they will available at the Gallery soon.

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Jun 17
DIFF 2014: Interviews

Watch Gracies Interviews from the Dallas International Film Festival 2014. You will get to know some Facts about Gracies upcoming project called "The Town That Dreaded Sundown" as Jami.

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May 31
Birthday is comming up!

Gracie is turning 9 years old on June 24th !
If you guys want to send Gracie anything a Video, Edit, Draw, or Personal Video send me your stuff to: graciewhitton.online@yahoo.com

I will send anything you guys send me personal to her. We can't wait to see your amazing work. Have fun!


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Apr 12
Old Pictures
Today I have a small update for you. Here you can see 6 old Pictures from Gracie. Thats maybe 2-4 Years ago. She looks very young here. I hope you enjoy watching them at the Gallery down below.

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